Spigen ProFlex EZFit (2Pack) for Apple Watch Series 8/7


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Set includes:
2 x Spigen Pro Flex Hybrid Glass
1 x Installation Kit

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Hybrid glass with a revolutionary way of installation – if you have so far frightened you with this aspect using screen protection then your problems have just been solved!

Glass from the series “EZ Fit”from Spigen was protected by a perfectly cut to the front of the device with a mounting frame, thanks to which you perfectly position it on the screen. The manufacturer simplified the method of assembly to the point that it is fully intuitive for each user.

ProFlex EZ Fit is a relatively thin coating that hardened to a hardness of 8H in the production process.
The coating has been covered with oleophobic and hydrophobic layer, which minimizes fingerprint leaving.
The hybrid coating is specifically dedicated to protecting the screen from scratches and minimizes the risk of damage to the screen during unexpected events.

* ProFlex coating has the widest possible bladder, which means it may not be compatible with any case.

– 100% Original
– Packed in original packaging
– Exceptional ease of installation by mounting frame
– Hardness 8H
– oleophobic layer
– Dimensions: