RHA MA750i

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  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • 303F grade stainless steel construction
  • Handmade dynamic driver for clear, natural sound reproduction
  • Reinforced, 1.35m oxygen-free cable
  • 10 sets of dual density, silicone and memory foam ear tips. NOTE: Refer the User Manual before use.
  • Rated/Max Power: 1 / 5mW;Sensitivity:100dB
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Handmade dynamic driver (model 560.1).

The handmade dynamic drivers used in the MA750i (model 560.1) have been designed to deliver a clear and natural sound. Featuring high quality components, the drivers are capable of reproducing audio with exceptional power and precision.


Noise isolating, premium, in-ear headphone with remote and microphone

Using RHA’s Aerophonic design, the MA750i is constructed from individually machined stainless steel components. The handmade driver and over-ear fit ensure remarkable sound reproduction and a comfortable, noise isolating fit.

Stainless steel

Each MA750i driver housing is formed in the RHA Aerophonic shape from machined, high density, 303F stainless steel for outstanding durability and sonic performance.

Made for iPhone

A three-button remote and microphone is included on the MA750i cable to offer complete control over calls, music and volume with compatible Apple devices. Some remote and mic functions may be supported by Android and other smartphone devices, dependent on model, generation, applications and software versions.


RHA’s unique Aerophonic design is engineered to efficiently channel sound from the high performance dynamic drivers into the ear. The shape is inspired by the airflow properties of a trumpet’s bell, allowing MA Series products to deliver full frequency, authentic sound reproduction.

Noise isolation

Included with the MA750i are six sets of RHA’s dual density ear tips for a comfortable, noise isolating fit. The ear tips feature a softer outer layer for comfort and blocking against exterior noise and a firmer core to ensure a tight seal. Also included are two sets of double flange and two sets of memory foam tips.

Over-ear fit

The MA750i feature over-ear cable supports designed to position the cable over and behind the ear. The cable supports offer a more comfortable, secure fit and help deliver effective noise isolation.

Reinforced cable

The 1.35 meter cable used for the MA750i is inspired by high end audio cables, featuring oxygen-free copper cores in addition to stainless steel reinforcements throughout.

3 year warranty

The MA750i has been designed and engineered to deliver the highest standard of build and audio quality, which is why it is covered by a comprehensive three year manufacturer’s warranty.

Box contains

MA750i in-ear headphone. 6 pairs, dual density ear tips (S / M / L). 2 pairs, double flange ear tips (S / L). 2 pairs memory foam ear tips (universal size). Stainless steel ear tip holder. Premium storage case. Clothing clip. User guide.



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