Laut Prime Privacy Magnet for iPad Pro 11″ (2018-2022), iPad Air 4/5 (10.9″)


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A sturdy magnetic screen protector for your iPad.

This screen protector attaches via magnetic strips making it incredibly easy to install and remove whenever you need to. PRIME PRIVACY MAGNET also features anti-reflection technology to help dissipate glare from different light sources while using your iPad as well as A-grade privacy protection from wandering eyes. The magnetic attachment also means that you will have no bubbles or disruption to your screen so it can view it as clearly as possible and with all face ID sensors left uncovered. Designed to give you a paperlike feeling when using a stylus making it easier to write or draw on your iPad.

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Prime Privacy Magnet for iPad Pro 11″ (2018-2022), iPad Air 4/5 (10.9″)

Privacy Protection

Completely clear when looking straight at the screen protector, but adds privacy as it blocks viewing from outside angles.

Attaches Magnetically

Easily snaps on and off with strong magnets to keep it in place.

Perfect Alignment

The magnets help you perfectly align the screen protector everytime.

Anti-Reflection Technology

Anti-reflection technology helps you have a clear view no matter where you are using your iPad.

Paperlike Feeling

Making drawing and writing easier by giving your iPad screen a paperlike feeling with using a stylus.



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