Laut KLEAN Earbuds / AirPods Cleaning Pen


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KLEAN Earbuds / AirPods Cleaning Pen

The simple way to keep your AirPods KLEAN.

3 essential cleaning tools built into one. Sweep away dust with the brush, scrape away grime with the ergonomically designed tip, and clean deep inside your case with the swab. The handy and compact solution for keeping your wireless earbuds clean everyday.

Sturdy Brush

The small black brush is perfect for sweeping away dust from all parts of your AirPod.

Ergonomic Tip

Specifically designed to help scrape away grime from the more difficult to reach spots.

Purposefully Designed Swab

Sized perfectly to help clean inside your AirPods case, and deep clean where it’s needed.

Compact Design

With a contractible design, it’s easy to store and carry with you on the go.

Material and Composition

  • ABS: 90%
  • Polyester: 5%
  • Metal: 5%
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