Insta360 GO2 Lens Guard


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Compatibility: GO 2
  • Includes 2x GO 2 Lens Guards.
  • Screw-on replaceable lens protector.
  • Designed with hardened glass and an anti-fogging protective coating.
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The Insta360 Lens Guards are screw-on lens protectors that can be used at all times to protect the lens from scratches. The camera also requires a Lens Guard when it’s used underwater, as it’s not waterproof without one. Only one guard attaches to the camera at a time.
Key Features
  • Screw-On Replacement Lens Protectors
  • For Normal and Underwater Use
  • Hardened Glass with Anti-fog Coating
Important notes
1) Before use, make sure that the Lens Guard’s rubber ring and the camera’s lens is clean and dry. Always install the Lens Guard in a clean and dry environment. Any particles on the lens or Lens Guard may affect the shooting results.
2) Before using underwater, make sure to install GO 2’s Lens Guard. Without the Lens Guard installed, GO 2 is not waterproof. Screw on the Lens Guard tightly to prevent image quality issues.



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