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Eve is a growing ecosystem of connected accessories designed exclusively for the HomeKit-enabled household. From controlling and automating devices and appliances to monitoring your indoor and outdoor environments, each Eve accessory brings a unique set of features to the table. All of which you access via any iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch in your home.


Safe as houses.

When using your HomeKit-enabled Eve accessories, all data is end-to-end encrypted and directly transferred between your devices. Only you hold the key to your personal information. Even when accessing your home remotely, your domestic intelligence remains secure. As it should.

Setting up couldn’t be simpler.

Eve accessories are truly wireless thanks to Bluetooth low energy technology. Just scan the included HomeKit code with your iPhone or iPad camera. Follow the prompts in the Eve or Home app. And find a suitable spot for your Eve accessory. That’s it. You’re done. No peculiar bridges. No power-guzzling cables. No extra Wi-Fi traffic. Just pure wireless convenience.

Access on your terms.

How you engage your Eve accessories comes down to whatever is easiest – for you – in the moment. Access your ecosystem in the Home app. Acquire insights with the Eve app. Open your Control Center to activate accessories and scenes with a quick tap. Or simply have a word with Siri. The choice is yours, really.

Multitasking made effortless.

One Eve accessory alone makes life easier. But the real magic happens when multiple HomeKit-enabled accessories collaborate in scenes. Return home with a custom “I’m Home” scene that switches on lamps, sets a fan in motion, and activates your media center. Or call it a day with a “Good Night” scene that turns off your electronics, appliances, and lights. All with a single command.

Connected wherever you are.

You don’t even need to be around to engage your HomeKit-enabled Eve accessories. Your Apple TV serves as a home hub, granting you direct access to your connected ecosystem from anywhere in the world. So you can unlock doors, control lights, adjust thermostats – do things you’d do at home – as if you’re there.

Automation for ultimate convenience.

Automation takes your connected home to the next level, courtesy of your ever-present home hub. Set timers to synchronize accessories with your routine, and better yet, automate scenes with clever rules. You could, for example, have your connected humidifier switch on automatically whenever Eve Room senses low humidity. Or have your heating reduce on its own, as long as no one is home. The possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Works wonders with others

All HomeKit-enabled accessories are compatible with each other. Whether it’s a Philips Hue bulb, D-Link security camera, Hunter ceiling fan – or any other accessories from over 50 brands worldwide – Eve works with them all to create a unified ecosystem for your connected home.


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