AceFast B3 66W(USB-C+USB-C+USB-A) Three-Port Metal Car Charger – Black

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  • Dual USB-C + USB-A.
  • 66W total output.
  • Zinc alloy body.
  • Support most fast charge protocols.
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Acefast car charger 66W 2x USB Type C / USB, PPS, Power Delivery, Quick Charge 4.0, AFC, FCP, SCP (B3)

Acefast fast car charger. It has 2 USB Type C ports and 1 USB. USB Type C plugs allow charging with 36W and 30W, together they can withstand a load of up to 66W. Allows for quick charging, among others in PPS, Power Delivery, Quick Charge 4.0, AFC and FCP standards. It can be connected to 3 devices at the same time. It is made of fireproof PC material. It has been equipped with many protections, such as overheating, high voltage or overload.


  • Input current: DC12V-24V
  • Output current:
    • USB Type-C 1: 36W
    • USB Type-C 2: 30W
    • USB: 30W
    • USB Type C 1 + USB Type C 2: 36W + 30W
    • USB Type C 1 + USB: 36W + 30W
    • USB Type C 1 + USB Type C 2 + USB: 5V / 5A
  • Fast Charge: PPS, Power Delivery 3.0, Quick Charge 4.0, AFC, FCP and others
  • Fireproof PC material, sturdy and durable, built-in security
  • Dimensions: 39.8 * 39.8 * 65.7mm
  • Weight: ~ 46g
  • V0 fire protection, PSE, 3C, ERP6 energy efficiency certificate
  • Adapted to power tablets, phones and other devices

The most important advantages

  • Working with power up to 66W. The charger transmits 66W current to be divided into two USB Type C output ports and one USB port.
  • Charge 3 devices at once. Two USB Type-C cables and one USB cable can be connected to the charger at the same time. The charger then provides electricity with a total power of up to 66W.
  • PPS fast charging. Programmable Power Supply (PPS) is a technology that is compatible with many fast charging standards, including Power Delivery and Quick Charge.
  • Built-in security systems. The charging process is constantly monitored by the processor controlling the operation of the charger. He deals with, among others protection against overheating, overload and electrostatic discharge.