A Brand New Lighting Experience.

Nanoleaf Light Panels are a smart lighting product unlike anything you’ve seen before. Wake up to the sunrise, improve your mood with stunning colours, and automate your lighting throughout the day.

Nanoleaf: Light Panel

Nanoleaf light panel (formerly known as Aurora) is a gorgeous, and smartly designed lighting panel for your home. It acts as accent lighting for your room, or perhaps any area of your house to make it more lively and therapeutic to live in.


Nanoleaf: Features

Firstly, this light panel is bright (if you turn the brightness up to 100%). You can have a lot of fun with this light panels especially when you have a lot of them (starter pack comes with 9 light panel). You can create your own design to your liking, or just follow the template available in the apps. The light panel are extendable up to 30 panel per power supply.

That may not be enough… Heres the cool part of it — it now can be a music to your eyes. Yes, music to your eyes. Now you can purchase the starter pack that has the rhythm module included that will turn your light panel into a cool color changing light panel which will react to music of all genres in real time without needing to use your phone microphone.

To add on to this already amazing light panel, Nanoleaf recently released a new light panel called Nanoleaf Canvas (coming soon to our Online Store). Now this is the future. These panel is on another level of cool — it reacts to touch. Literally you can slide your hands on those panel and it will changes its color accordingly with a simple setup through the apps. 

All of these Nanoleaf light panel works through Wi-Fi, and automate it through Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and Google Assistant. It is as simple as “Siri, turn on the AWESOMENESS”, and the light panel will lit up as per what you have set in your phone. Thanks to the Wi-FI based infrastructure of these light panel it makes changing “Scene” so responsive — every single time.

Nanoleaf: The Bottom Line

It is gorgeous, smart, cool, and fun. These will be a great add-on to your already great home — perfect to set mood for certain occasion, or just simply for leisure purposes. To get you started, you begin with a simple starter pack at only BND352, which comes with 9 Nanoleaf light panels and a Nanoleaf Rhythm upgrade.

What are you waiting for… Grab one while you still can, and change the way your house lit. 

Visit any of our Store today, or meanwhile you’re here — get it at our Online Store, and we will see you at your door step.