Sound Experience Centre

“Personal Hi-Fi done right.”

Ranging from IEMs to cans, closed to open-back, wired to wireless, HiRes Players to Portable DAC/AMPs, and much more…

We are proud to announce that we have added over 20 respective Hi-Fi brands to our Sound Experience Centre at our Kiulap store (Spg. 88, Unit 27-28, Block B, Ground Floor, Bgn Awg Hj Ahmad, Kg. Kiulap).

Our Sound Experience Centre features an “Audition” room for private listening sessions, using one of our many headphones, IEMs and other supporting accessories that are on display. We recommend bringing along your source so that you start with something familiar as you audition our range.

If you still don’t have a pair yet, please do check out our unique collection of brands available in our Webstore. Check it out!

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